Saturday, January 28, 2012

A little about me and some background

  Good morning. So yes i'm a closet CD.I'm not totally sure why I have decided to Blog or what i expect out of it. Since i'm writing this and have been dressing for quite some time now, the entries will most likely go from current to past. 
   I'm just a regular white 30's male, I still and always have enjoyed doing the regular guy stuff like dirt bikes,tools, electronics, etc.... But I absolutely enjoy women's clothes, actually more so panties,hose/thigh highs. I have went out in public fully dressed (wig/nails/makeup) but every time that was at a gay bar/club. To date I have only ventured out other than a gay bar dressed once, unless you count me dressing in hotel/motel rooms meeting horny guys from online.
  My turn ons and fantasies have definitely  changed over the years, which you'll see as i settle in and get used to writing this all out.